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Brittany's home page

by laufer last modified 2005-08-26 08:29 PM

My home page consists of my career thoughts, concerns, and much more about me!


Hi, my name is Britany. I will be a freshman in September. My current Career thoughts consist of being a children's doctor or a neo natal nurse. I chose these careers because I love children and I want to help save their lives. I think that I can really achieve my career choices because I am very determined and a hardworker. I can achieve these goals by going to school and studying really hard. Some concerns that I have about my career choices are the money, whether I'll be happy or not and the hours I will have. I don't only think about my career.I have hobbies also. I enjoy doing things that normal teenage girls do. Such as; doing hair, jumping double dutch, hanging out with friends and other amazing things.

Now it's time to learn more about me. My favorite artist is Trey Songz. My favorite song is "Gotta' Make It" by Trey Songz . My favorite shoes are Reeboks. My favorite past time is SHOPPING!

Camp Infinity has been a good experience for me. I met many kinds of people. I think camp infinity was a good experience for me. I also learned how to work a computer better in Camp Infinity. I also had a goood time learning about the different fields of technology. I met some amazing people, such as; the counselers and the speakers. I didn't have a favorite counseler because all of them were cool especially Maria. I didn't have a favorite speaker I liked all of them. They had nice advice for us.

Also while attending Camp Infinity we had a video conference with the girls from the college of DuPage. The video conference didn't go to well. Then on Thursday they came to our campus. Some of them showed us some of their animations. Some were very funny and some didn"t make any sense at all. While the DuPage girls were here we went to the Water Tower to take pictures and we then went to the Hershey store. We also took pictures there. We had alot of fun in Camp Infinity. I hope I can attend the program next year. On the last day of Camp Infinity we visited Loyola's Lake Shore campus. We saw some pretty nice things. We got the chance to have a tour around the campus. We saw a nice view of the Lake, it was so pretty. We also got a certificate of completion from Camp Infinity and AT&T gave us a pen. Camp Infinity was a very good experience for me.


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