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by laufer last modified 2005-08-07 09:21 PM

Homepage for Holly

About Me...♥



My Name is Holly. I'm a sophmore at Downers Grove South High School. I live in Woodridge...Which can be pretty boring. I am a pretty laid back kinda chick. I play co-ed Ice Hockey which can be pretty brutal sometimes, especially when guys find out your a girl.

Im just some haggered chick. Im completely into MUSIC, and thats about it. I'm a girl. I breath. I sleep. I talk. i'm just your average teenage train wreck.

I have noticed that most people don't recognize me at school when they try looking for me in the halls....Which doesnt really surprise me. Most people don't notice me walkin down the halls unless im wearing some of my amazing outfits...haha Costume Jewelry rocks.

♥I have obsessions with the following: Fall Out Boy, Breathing, Vans, designing, and the boyfriend...well he's not an obsession but he's up there, He's probably my best friend in the entire world.

Effile Tower (Paris, France)

Some people might think im a mean person, But im really not, I just have a hard look to me. Most people don't really know me. So Don't judge me until you know me. Then you can call me mean. I adore Bam Margera & reading. I used to write poetry . . . i still enjoy reading it. I'm a teenage idiot. There's not much more, except for my music...but thats a whole other story.

Arch De Triomph(Paris, France)

Career Thoughts:
I would like to be a Music Journalist, the main idea would be working in the musical aspects of journalism.I know once you reach a certain place in your career with music journalism you because to be stereotyped as "Old" but I want to major in a wide variety of writtings in order for that not to happen to me. I could go to College and major in a general writting style rather than something narrow to get farther in life.
What do I think I want to do for my work career:
Ways to achieve my goals would be to excel in my honors english classes, and taking journalism class during the school year.I suppose Achieving goals come hard to me. I guess you can say I give easily with certain things, but I dont want to give up on writting simply because I love it so much.
Career Questions:
How would I be able to achieve my goal in the present future? Where would you recommend working regarding magazines or newspapers?
Career Concerns:
I don't have many concerns with my field of knowledge regarding music but I do with my writings, I write more narative essays then I do criticism pages so how would I better expand on my knowledge with structural editorials?

Group Shot, I adore My Group! (Left-right= Abby, Me, Alauna,& Ashley)

Patrick and I


Speakers My Favorite speaker was Betty. She knew what she was talking about and knew how to speak to us inteligently.

C.O.D.I don't have a positive experience to share with everyone who reads my site about C.O.D. So I'll just call the girls civil at least.....

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