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by laufer last modified 2005-08-07 09:21 PM

This is a website i created to share a lil bit about me and my goals in life...

About me...

I absolutely love shopping.The worst thing that my parents made was giving me my own credit card.Ever since I've had it, I make an excuse to go to the mall EVERYDAY.Unfortunately, my parents took my credit card because i couldn't control my spending for a million dollars...o well lol, maybe I will get it back one day.

this is me and my lil sis with a couple of guys we met in philadelphia

Career thoughts...

For as long as I can remember, I always wanted to be a neurosurgeon. Recently, I realized that maybe being a doctor was not the best route for me. I have decided to pursue a career in law, but specifically, I want to be a patent lawyer in the fashion industry. People are always talking about the criminal side of law, but I would much rather not get my emotions mixed up in my profession.

What it takes...

No matter what profession a person decides to involve themself in, many obstacles will come. It is fair to say that being a lawyer will bring a few more obstacles than another profession. It is probably good that I enjoy anything that has to do with law because it will make all of my hard work worth while.

Questions I have......

The only thing that I am unsure of when it comes to being a patent lawyer is the amount of competition. Are there a lot of opportunities for a lawyer in the fashion industry?


My favorite speaker was Tracy Hughes because she showed that you can be a woman and still be really successful.

What I learned from COD...

The college of Dupage had a really cool camp because they worked with animation. In a way I wish I could have gone to that camp, but the website camp was cool too.

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