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~Ashley's Webpage!!!~

by laufer last modified 2005-08-07 09:21 PM

My Page

Hello! My name is Ashley and I am currently involved in Loyola's Camp Infinity! I'm super excited to be here and learn about different careers! These past months have been very exciting for me, I got my license and i am now attending Camp Infinity! My life consists of hanging out with friends, talking on the phone and music. I love music, period. Without music i dont know where i would be right now. Some of my favorite bands include, Matchbook Romance, Mae, My Chemical Romance, Motion City Soundtrack, Senses fail, Dropkick Murphys, Relient K, Straylight Run, Copland, The Rocket Summer and many many more! I also spend a lot of time on my computer, looking at music websites, going on AIM or just surfing the web. I also enjoy watching movies. My two all time favorite movies are the sandlot and heavywieghts! both are classics in my opinion. This summer has been alright, i was in summer school for 6 weeks and that wasnt really fun but i recently got a new job! Im the hostess at the River City Grille! I love it already! so yeah, my life is pretty much a normal teenage life, nothing good or exciting every happens but I deal.. i guess, its consists of music, music, boys, and o yeah, music! so yeah, thats me, just an average teenager trying to make it through high school...alive...

Group Shot! Babies and me!!!

My best friend Amy! Whats that green stuff?

Skyriter (aka, best friends ever) My Favorite Band!

AAAH!!! Hott Mamas!!!!

My Current career thoughts!!!

I decided to attened Camp Infinity in order to expand my career oppertunities. I am not really sure what i want to do with the rest of my life therefore i think that this is a great program for me! Some careers i have been thinking about have been teaching, physical therapy and many more.

What do I think I want to do for my work career???

I have been involved in many activies at my school in order to better prepare myself so things i may want to do in the future. Music is a huge part of my life. Not only do i love going to concerts, i also enjoy playing music. I have played piano for about 8 years and guitar for about 2. To also prepare for my future I have been working as a hostess. Working at a resturant has giving me the experiance and people skills to maybe persue a career with a lot of interaction with people.

Favorite Speaker!!!

Cathy Brune was my favorite speaker so far this week. I thought that she was very down to earth and spoke to us like young adults adults. She is the Chief Technology Officer at Allstate Insurance. She explanded eerything very clearly and stressed the fact that you dont need to choose between having children and having a career, you can have both! I thought that she was very fun the way she tried to incorporate humor into her speech. She seemed very nice and i liked her alot! Great Speaker Choice!!!

COD Experiance?!?

I thought that most of the girl for Collage of Dupage were very nice and seemed to be very cool. I thought there amination projects were very fun and they did a great job! After working on my webpage i would say before that everything was easy but after you can tell they did worked very hard on it! I thought they did a great job! They seemed very nice and it was a good experiance to go through. I enjoyed walking around for the tour and to the hersey store, it was very fun!

Career Questions and Concerns!?!

I have a lot of questions about what collages are best for the careers im interested in. I am not really concerned about the money that i would be making. I would want to find a career that would make me happy and that i would love doing every day.*

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