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Teenager gets trappled!

by laufer last modified 2005-08-23 11:20 PM

A 14 yr. old gets ran over by a flying unicorn.

  1. year old Milanda Johnson was walking along in the forest known as the "enchanted forest". Evidence shows that she was minding her own business when suddenly a rabid, flying unicorn atacked! An eye witness said that the unicorn was foming of the mouth and stubbling along when the unicorn smelt the sandwitch the girl was eating.

    "It was horrible dat dere girl was jis' sittin' ther an' eatin er sandwitch an outta no wheres dis darn unne-e-corn jis' near bit er head off!" says an eyewitness of the event. "Then he [the unicorn]darn near flewon in my trailer righ der! I say people jis don' know nuttin' about keepin' pets these days."

Obviously the unicorn wasn't a pet because it has been illegal to keep unicorns as pets for centuries. We felt we shouldn't make this man upset because he had just almost had his "home" destoryed by a rabid animal so we left his error in our report.

the girl, Milanda Johnson, is going to be fine and is in the hospital. She has just gotten out of the intensive care unit and seems be on the road to recovery. Well this is Chet YouBetcha signing out. ::Cheesy smile and even more cheesy thumbs up::

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