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Smart ~N~ Divalicious

by laufer last modified 2005-08-07 11:30 PM

The Hottest Page Ever....Brienne's!

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Wuts up everybody! My name is Brienne and this webpage is basically a something to show you what I am about and what I want to do and accomplish. I really hope you enjoy this page! Before you get to the rest of my page, here is a brief description of me: I am 15, I am a sophomore, I love to dance, sing and swim, I have a great family and great friends. I have 3 dogs, whose names are Mimi Rose, Darla Louise, and Cameron Sebasetian. I also have a cat named Zackary. I am a very outgoing, outspoken, real person. Most people like me for my personality, not that I am ugly or anything, because that is not the case, but my personality looks better than Beyonce and Halle Berry's face put together! But anyway, I hope you like the page..ENJOY!!!

First Things First

At the moment the career that I am interested in pursueing is in the field of medicine, and to be more specific,an Obstetrician/Gyncologist. For those who do not know what an OB/GYN is, it would be my pleasure to explain to you what they do. An Ob/Gyn specializes in pre-natal(before birth) and the post-natal(after birth) care of babies, as well as women's health. I choose to be this kind of doctor because I wanted to do something that involved children, helping people, and continueing the exploration and the discovery of new things involving the female body. I decided that I didn't want to establish a daycare for babies and toddlers, nor did I want to be a pediatrician. I also decided that I didn't want to be a social worker or phychatrist, buut I still wanted to work with babies and women, helping them. So I decided that what better way to do all three things than to become an OB/GYN. I hope to one day have my own hospital or a very large maternity and women's center in a world renowned hospital, like the University of Chicago. Even though that is what I wantt o do, I always keep my options open for opportunity!

Hottest Things of 2005

Music: CD's- The Emancipation of Mimi(Mariah Carey); The Massacre(50 Cent); O(Omarion); Who Mike Jones?(Mike Jones);Wanted(Bowwow); Naked(Marques Houston)

Song's- We Belong Togther(Mariah Carey);Shake It Off(Mariah Carey); Mine Again(Mariah Carey);Slow Down(Bobby Valentino);O(Omarion);Touch(Omarion);Soldier(Destiny's Child);Badd(Ying Yang Twins f/ Mike Jones);Back Then(Mike Jones);Still Tippin(Slim Thug,Mike Jones,n Paul Wall);Cater To You(Destiny's Child);Naked(Marques Houston);Hold You Down(Bowwow); Sittin Sideways(Paul Wall)

Movies- Are We There Yet?; Diary of A Mad Black Woman; Hustle And Flow; Four Brothers; Charlie And The Chocolate Factory;Fantastic Four

Clothing Lines- Baby Phat; Lady Enyce; Ecko Red; Academiks; Rocawear; Girbaud

About Me

Favorite Foods- Almonds and Raisens; Any Type of Fruit; French Onion Sun Chips; Cookie Doug and Vanilla Ice Cream; Fresh Broccoli and String Beans

Activities- Shopping; Talking on the phone; Swimming; Dance; Singing

Clothes- Baby Phat; Apple Bottoms; Lady Enyce; Girbaud

Tv Shows- SpongeBob SquarePants; Fairly Odd GodParents; American Idol; How Clean Is Your House; Nick At Night Reruns; TV land reruns; 106 & Park; America's Next Top Model

Color- Purple

Character- SpongeBob SquarePants- he is so hoooot!

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