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by laufer last modified 2005-08-07 09:21 PM

* the one word to descriobe me is "out going".

I am currently a junior at luther South high school . for my junior year im gonna try to change my attitude a little bit. i am now currently single and enjoying and also so close to getting my license. next year i am gonna start thinking about what colleges to go to. I may consider going to Fisk University, Spellman,or Tennesse State. In my family most of my family memebers attended Fisk and /or Spellman University. when i graduate from college i would like to major in business and fashion and merchandise , because i would like to be a designer. this year alsoo i hope to have my license so that i could get my car. * the car that i would like to get is a pontiac or

my favorite things to do is hang out with my friend and sing, rap, dance, play volleyball, softball,soccer,track,and poetry. my favorite thing to drink is starbuck's coffee cold virgin. i have no parents. the thing that i don't like is when people down people.i think my best quality is my eyes because there different. and another thing is that im unique. the reason why im unique is because i have my own special way to make people laugh and help people when they are down and that's about it, to say about my self.

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