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My name is Theresa. I am 15 years old and am going to be a sophomore next year. I play basketball at school. I am not looking forward to going back to school in the fall. I start on August 24th. My favorite part about school is getting to spend time with my friends. I hate getting homework and having to study for tests and quizzes.

Over the summer, I like to spend time with my friends and my family. I like to go shopping, go to the movies, go swimming, and go miniture golfing. My favorite thing about the summer is going up to my family's cottage in Powers Lake, Wisconsin. I love to spend time with my family; my cousins, my aunts, my uncles, and my grandparents. In Wisconsin, we usually spend the whole day at the beach, eating snacks, playing in the sand, and having diving contests. I love to go up to our cottage because I always have so much fun and I love to see my cousins.

I am looking forward to going on vacation to Florida with my family over spring break. I love going to Florida for the hot, sunny weather. I love to go swimming both in our pool and at the beach. When I get older, I hope to go to college in Florida and move there. I hate to be cold and it doesn't get cold in Florida, so it's perfect! I am also looking forward to going up to Wisconsin for a week with my family, my friends, my cousins, and with my grandparents. We are going to go swimming, go shopping, and go golfing. It is going to be very fun, I can't wait.

I am glad to be participating in Camp Infinity this summer because I am hoping to learn about careers in Science and Technology. I am also hoping to find oppurtunities in the fields of Science and Technology. I am hoping that by the end of camp, I will have some idea as to what kind of career I want to have because right now I have no idea. I know that in whatever career I have that I want to be successful and that I want to be happy doing whatever I am doing. A concern that I have about my career is that I will not enjoy what I am doing, or I will get tired of it afer a while.

My Career Plans

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College of Dupage

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